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in the program -- mexico's battle against the drug barons gets an unwelcome comment from america. hillary clinton says it has become an insurgency. >> it is looking more and more like colombia looked 20 years ago. >> strike a pose. new york fashion week opens its catwalks to fuller size models. >> in turkey, a frantic last- minute campaigning ahead of this sunday's referendum on constitutional reform. what is at stake depends on who you ask. the ruling party says it is about making a break from the past and dominated by the military. the opposition says the proposal would give the government too much power. one thing is clear. it could have a profound affect on whether this muslim nation becomes a member of the eu. jonathan has been speaking exclusively to prime minister recep tayyip erdogan. >> it hardly matters that a few people in turkey understand the constitutional reforms they will be voting for or against on sunday. the campaigning for this referendum has been intense, fuelled by the rivalry that separates the country's secular and religious camps. prime minister recep tayyip erdogan argue
a presidential cycle. hillary clinton, who was not only the first woman to get as close as any woman has to her party's nomination for the presidency, you also saw sarah palin. both of these women really did not behave in ways that we thought women may be would behave. this completely open our eyes to different ways that we might see female candidates. they were competitive, occasionally behaved badly, occasionally behaved well, people support them, often a strongly when they advocated feminist or purportedly feminist positions, which many people thought, no, would amend power. in fact, they attracted very strong women's followings. what i am arguing in part is their presence has helped us expand our capacity for being able to accept female candidates. we have had none of them, very few of them for the presidency before now, and now we have all of these new models of women in power. tavis: two years ago, and it is so late in the game. there are countries all over the world that are way ahead of us. margaret thatcher in the u.k., but i could go around the globe, as you know, about women who have
of state hillary clinton has spoken out against the plan to burn korans. general david petraeus said if it went ahead, images of the event would be used by insurgents to incite violence. coming up, we will hear what hillary clinton had to say with this report from washington. >> this is what worries general david petraeus is. 500 people in kabul, gather to demonstrate. one small church in america plans to bring copies of the koran. protesters threw rocks. >> we are concerned about the possible implications of a koran burning in the united states. it puts us in jeopardy. we have even seen trouble on just a rumor that this could take place, and i think that the images from such an activity could very well be used by extremists here and around the world in the same way that they use images from abu ghraib and some other incidents, over the years since 9/11. >> at outreach center in florida, they say they still plan to go ahead. the church, which has 50 members, is run by terry jones, and is seen as a fringe movement, but right now, it has everyone's attention. on "nightline," he had thi
east peace deal at a critical point. today, hillary clinton is in the west bank. the u.s. secretary of state holds stock with palestinian leader abbas. the settlement issue poses a massive challenge. >> welcome to gmt. also in the program, hopes rise for a quicker rescue of the chilean miners. hundreds of thousands joined the party in mexico to celebrate to lanier's of independence. it is midday in london and in washington, they're just waking up to the news that the obama administration is ramping up its efforts to inject momentum into middle east peace negotiations. today, hillary clinton has been in the west bank for talks with the president of the palestinian authority, president abbas. that follows talks between a bas and netanyahu yesterday. >> pressing on with the american peace mission, hillary clinton met the palestinian president. >> the united states and all of us led by president obama are very committed and determined to work toward a peace agreement through direct negotiations that lead to an independent, sovereign, viable palestinian state that realizes the aspiration
. my next guest wants president obama to worry about 2012 and wants hillary clinton to think about running this 2012. to this dentist, welcome to the program. you paid for this yourself. how much did you pay for the commercial. >> 3000 for the commercial and so far 3000 to run it and spend a lot more. >> stuart: you'll spend a lot more. it's that important to you. because you're going to be heavily criticized for this by democrats because, essentially you're splitting the party. >> well, i mean, i really believe that the current administration is ruining the democratic party. nobody likes anybody in charge, pelosi, reid, it's divisive and you know, hillary said it best once, she said, what did people like about the '90s, the peace or the prosperity and the clintons did a good job the first time. she's been treated unfairly and so much and i just want to help her out. >> stuart: so, that's it. people don't like speaker pelosi, leader harry reid and president obama. you say it's kind of a personal thing. >> or joe biden. >> stuart: being 0, let's bring them all in. people don't like
and president obama and hillary clinton have been engaged in arm of twisting. it remains to be seen if that hurdle can be overcome today. >> you mentioned this is a two-day meeting. what happens on day two if that happens on day one? >> reporter: today, we rush back to jerusalem, where hillary clinton will arrive later tonight, with a second round of talks with the same characters at the table. probably hosted in prime minister netanyahu's jerusalem home. president abbas joining them for the first time in almost two years, since the last round of talk fell apart. and hopefully then, they get into the meaty issues. difficult, difficult issues. she can start getting both sides to talk about those tomorrow at the very latest. >> some questions that have been asked for a very long time. simon mcgregor-wood in egypt. thank you. >>> american hiker sarah shourd is spending another day in an iranian prison. the family says they're having trouble raising $500,000 demanded by the country. laura setrakian is with us. >> reporter: sarah shourd is allowed to leave iran as soon as the $500,000 ba
obama and his secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> i know the decision to sit at this table was not easy. we understand the suspicion and skepticism that so many feel, born out of years of conflict and frustrated hopes. >> the israelis and palestinians admit the talks will be difficult. netanyahu said painful concessions and -- concessions are required from both sides >> people from israel, and i as the prime minister, are prepared to walk this road and to go a long way, a long way in a short time. to achieve a genuine peace that will bring our people security, prosperity, and good neighbors. >> president abbas restated his conditions for the talks. one central command is the halt to the construction of jewish settlements. but abbas said both sides know it is needed and expressed confidence that a deal could be reached. the two leaders are to meet again on september 14, and every fortnight thereafter as they see a final peace deal with than a year. >> i spoke earlier to our washington correspondent and asked him more about what had been discussed and how the middle east lead
from secretary of state hillary clinton, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas as they hold their first direct peace talks in two years. >>> good morning, i'm chris jansing. live from msnbc world headquarters in new york, it is a very busy thursday and we begin with one of the strongest hurricanes ever to threaten the east coast. more people are getting out of the way as hurricane earl gets more serious. evacuation orders keep growing in coastal north carolina. it's now mandatory for residents to pack up in some some places. earl is back up to a category 4 storm and packing winds of 140 miles per hour. governors in north carolina, virginia, maryland, they've all declared state of emergency and people aren't just brushing this off any more. >> earl was a big unknown. if it stays out to sea, we probably would have been okay and gotten rain. >> do you board up? >> i haven't yet, to this point. but this might be the first. >> either we'll leave beforehand and/or we won't drive in it. that's for sure. >> they think we're due for something. >> bill karins is tracking
condemnation for plans for a florida church to burn copies of the koran. hillary clinton said during the holy book would be disgraceful. other political leaders have also come out against the plan. it would hurt all religions. >> bearing false witness against your neighbor is against the koran, is against the bible, it is against the gospels. we have to be here. >> the question we have, if we do not do would come out when to stop backing down? when do we stop giving into islam? >> thank you. >>> the burning was planned and proposed to a mosque being built at ground zero. >>> president obama will mark the attacks and joe biden will travel to ground zero in new york. michelle obama and laura bush will travel to pennsylvania for ceremonies marking the crash of united flight 93. >>> president obama will roll out his latest plans for the economy. the white house is working to reverse popularity problems. emily schmidt has the latest. >> it is round two. president obama will outline his new plan for a fixed. >> this is not about the next 60 days or the next 90 days. this is about how we will get ou
clinton. >> a dentist in chicago is running an advertisement for hillary clinton. he has listed his name and personal telephone number. it will also run in los angeles. >> she has got the chicago backing, so who knows? >> thanks for having me. >> back-to-school week for northern virginia students in arlington, prince william, fairfax, and loudoun counties, as well as alexandria city schools. drivers are reminded to watch out for school buses with their stop sides extended. and red line riders have to put up with one more day with some closures. some will not reopen until tuesday morning. the transit agency is looking to fix problems pointed out by the national transportation safety board after a crash last year. and new traffic patterns on route 7 starting tuesday. experienced drivers might feel a difference. the one-mile stretch between the dulles toll road and 123 has changed. there are fewer places where left turns are allowed. the district will now have a new supermarket. a groundbreaking will be held. the supermarket will be built in northeast washington and the 900 block of 17th st
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. >> and 2012 presidential ads already hitting the airwaves. this one for hillary clinton. except she didn't make it. a lotn do one thing and one thing only. and those people are what i like to call wrong. metamucil is the only leading fiber supplement with psyllium, which gels to help remove waste and reduce cholesterol. metamucil. ask more of your fiber. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life. >> just showed you these new job numbers showing the first rise in unemployment since april but that didn't stop president obama from putting his own spin on the economy. >> the month i took office, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. this morning, new figures show the economy produced 67,000 private sector jobs in august. the eighth consecutive month of private job growth. now, that's positive news. and it reflects the steps we've already taken to break the back of this recession. >> now, word there may be a second stimulus in the works. is this the right i
of state hillary clinton going to be hosting the first direct middle east peace talks that we have seen in some 20 months. some cautious optimism of course. we are keeping our eye on what's happening there in washington at the state department. we will bring you comb live when hillary clinton steps out with the leaders of the palestinian authority and of israel. prime minister binyamin netanyahu and also mahmoud abbas. let's head to our correspondent, white house correspondent, suzanne malveaux who is standing by live for us. i want to break this down in two different ways. first question i want to ask is about the things that divide them in what they are trying to accomplish. also, the possibility of things that could bring them together as well. let's start with the things that they are not seeing eye to eye on. >> reporter: once the administration official i spoke with said lit take political courage for the leaders to come together in a compromise. there are real serious differences. first and foremost, talking about the israeli settlement issue, moratorium that has been in place fo
middle east talks. first, my exclusive interview with secretary of state hillary clinton. do you believe you've convinced some of the skeptics? >> i ask them what's the alternative. >> and her message to iran. >> we stand ready to engage with iran. >> so what's his response? the president of iran, mahmoud ahmadinejad on his country's nuclear program, human rights. i'd like your opinion on stoning. and the fate of the two american hikers still detained in iran. would you intervene like you did for sarah? ahmadinejad and clinton, a "this week" exclusive. and then -- >> you boetsch you. >> they call us wacky. they call us wing nuts. >> delaware republican party chairman tom ross joins george will, peter beinart of "the daily beast" and david sanger of "the new york times" and the chances at the midterms. all of this on our roundtable and "the sunday funnies." >> the democrats are already attacking o'donnell calling her the sarah palin of the east and i'm like really. she's an emotionally unstable woman from the northeast. that's joe biden. >>> standing here outside the walls to jerusalem's
. he is coming over from the state department, a big loss for hillary clinton to lose him. now they've got to start the new budget cycle, don't have a budget director. he does not want a recess appointment i'm told. does not want to leave a confirmed position for a shorter term as budget director. but it's a huge job. a big policy position unfilled. >> reporter: right, and because senator mary landrieu, a democrat, put a hold on this nomination because she's upset about the continued moratorium on deep water offshore drilling off the gulf, she says it's bad for business and hurting the economy in the gulf. that's the issue there. whether they can somehow come to a resolution, we'll have to see. the moratorium is supposed to expire at the end of november. >> november 3th. >> not too much longer on it. look, you spend four seconds in the gulf. that is what people will tell you, they very concerned about the moratorium and mary landrieu is playing hard ball. >> and savannah, right now we understand robert gibbs is coming out. we want you to get in out of the rain. gibbs is at the podiu
. a lot going on today, including hillary clinton weighing in forcefully on one church's plan to burn copies of the koran on september 11th. >>> plus, a wild scene in detroit right now as fires are sweeping through neighborhoods, sending at least two dozen houses up in flames. how did this inferno start? we'll tell you. >>> first, let's get to the news live here at 5:30. president obama heads to cleveland this morning to push for billions of dollars for new tax inventives for businesses and infrastructure spending. the president will argue against any compromise that would extend the bush era tax cuts for the nation's wealthiest. those controversial cuts that expire at the end of this year. under obama's plan, current tax rates would be extended for the 98% of households with income below $250,000 for couples and $200,000 for individual. federal tax rates for the wealthiest 2% of americans would return to pre-2001 levels. >>> the president will argue tomorrow that we should extend those -- extend those middle class tax cuts. and not doing so would most assuredly hurt our economy. but
. >> the groups of women who supported so fervently hillary clinton and have mostly disbanded after the election are getting together in a united meeting for the first time on october 19. where this goes and what this means i don't know but you can bet when that meeting take place there will be a lot of people paying attention. chris: who is tir leader? >> i don't think they have one at the moment. it was a group from all over the country. chris: is this a hillary based organization? >> no, i don't think that she had a hand in it at all. it may or may not turn out to be significant but they're getting together october 19. chris: how do i know it's in new york? go ahead. >> as kids go back to school i'm a bit obsessed with children and computers but in august for the first time ever, americans spent more time on facebook than on google and they spent 41 million minutes on facebook in august. chris: that's not a good economic sign. >> i'm worried. >> when hillary clinton leads middle east peace talks in the region this coming week, something could be happening this time. it's the first time she's
the muslim world, but now secretary of state hillary clinton has gone even further. even the threat of burning the koran ignited protests today in jakarta, capitol of the world's most populous muslim country. hillary clinton said this one tiny church doesn't represent america. >> it is regrettable that a pastor in gainesville, florida, with a church of no more than 50 people can make this outrageous and distressful, disgraceful plan and get the world's attention. >> reporter: then she went further, suggesting the media shouldn't pay attention. >> so we are hoping that the pastor decides not to do this. we're hoping against hope that if he does, it won't be covered. [ laughter ] >> bonn chance. >> as an act of patriotism. >> reporter: with protests already erupting in kabul this week, the u.s. fears retaliation against american troops. general david petraeus speaking to brian williams today. >> we are concerned that the images from the burning of a koran would be used in the same way that extremists used images from abu ghrab, that they would, in a sense, be indelible. >> reporter: t
. >> el gobierno de mejores poned yo c respondió con dureza a las palabras de hillary clinton. hoy día el presidente obama dijo que la comparación no era exacta y prácticamente desautorizó a la secretaria de estado. carlos botifoll con todos los detalles. el >>>carlos: estas son las palabras de hillary clinton sobre la violencia vinculada a las drogas en méxico que han incomodado a tantos en ese país. >intérprete: más y más dice méxico se parece a como lucía colombia hace 20 años. inmediatamente algunos analistas dijeron que era una verdad a media. cuestionaron cuando la secretaria de estado agregó que los carteles mexicanos parecían insurgencias batallando por el control de territorios. >> cuando utilizas el término de insurgencia que tiene algo específicos fines políticos lo de narcotraficantes no tiene absolutamente nada de intereses políticos no tiene idea ología de por medio. >> en algunos círculoss cayó mal la comparación con colombia bajo órdenes de pablo escobar explotó un avión lleno de pasajeros y guerrilleros ejercieron cierto control en una tercera part
the news media in campaign 2008? >> mitchell: two years have passed since hillary clinton campaigned for the democratic presidential nominee and sarah palin campaigned for the vice president nomination with john mccain. there's a new book out called "big girls don't cry," published by simon & schuster, a division of cbs. rebecca, thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> mitchell: when it comes to health care,how much sexism was going on in the overall campaign and the tone of the nation? >> there was an enormous amount of sexism, the hillary nutcrackers, the "iron my shirt" and the bumper stickers using the "b" word. then the more subtle stuff, the obsession with her tone and laugh and what she was wearing. it was tied to the fact that she was a woman. that's what we need to recognize as sexism. >> mitchell: did sarah palin go through the same thing? >> yes, it came from different angles. there was obsession to her large clothing obsession without much thought that if you're a woman on a campaign trail, you require different aesthetic maintenance. we have different expectations
head. hillary clinton and president obama both said the same thing. certainly in the body language and what the two leaders are saying there's a lot of good will. the real problems start at home president abbas faces an extremely controversial opinion. prime minister netanyahu is? a more comfortable position. he has deal with a right wings that do not want them to freeze assets after the moratorium ends. the domestic challenges will be at least as great as that those they now faced at the table. >> robert, you've been there very recently at tony blair's side as he tried to bring the two together? do you think they can be the leaders to bring peace to the area? you've got a very hard line right wing israeli prime minister. so is clinton right when she said these are the leaders that can bring peace to the region? >> that's what're going on the find out. the fact that prime minister netanyahu comes from the right is an asset. he can deliver on the compromises that may be necessary here. he is in a good position. it's true. president abbas is in a much more difficult situation. but he
: the lady who finds the party a tramp and says she did not leave the hillary clinton.b@ the democratic party last her. and it's about to leave a lot more behind. . when i brush, i like to do a really mediocre job. i love running my tongue across my teeth and feeling l the stuff i missed. [ male announcer ] no one really wants plaque left on their teeth, done. [ male announcer ] but ordinary manual brushes . ower brushes are inspired by the tools professionals use, to clean away plaque in ways a manual brush can't. for that dentist-smooth, clean feeling every day. fight plaque with real power. oral-b power. get 50% off oral-b power brushes for a limited time. visit for details. >>neil: and now this woman was a hillary clinton supporter, a big fundraiser, and until president obama won the nomination and she jumped ship nothing she has seen out of the guy would has beat him has brought her back and she is alló leadingÑi another revolt. and now ourçó guess. i love your name, so italian. >>guest: so long. >>neil: so, nothing warmed up. >>guest: nothing is warmed up. what i hoped at
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. hillary clinton and envoy george miller will attend to see if the settlements in jerusalem will derail talks. the palestinians want it extended and israel refuses. if both sides look for an exit ramp this could be it. for now, the talks are dressed in the rhetoric of the willing. >> we have to get from disagreement to agreement. a big task. >> translator: what is giving us confidence is that the road is clear in front of us in order to reach peace. >> abbas and netanyahu met first with the delegation and u.s. officials and then privately with mitchell and lin and then by themselveses with no note-takers. they steered clear of substance expect to say there was some. >> for these negotiations to succeed, they must be kept private. and treated with the utmost sensitivity. >> mr. obama met privately yesterday at the white house with netanyahu and abbas. all sides pledged to resolve all the tough issues, borders, refugee, jerusalem, water right, security and others by next year. but first, the two sides said today they needed a so-called framework agreement. >> less than a full-fledged trea
of state hillary clinton went so far as to say that the media should stop covering the issue as a, quote, act of patriotism. meanwhile, the state department has ordered u.s. embassies from around the world to assess their security ahead of this weekend's planned burden of proofing, citing fears that it could spark anti-american violence. general petraeus weighed in on the issue once again saying that the church's actions could haunt the united states for a long, long time. >> we're concerned that the images from the burning of a koran would be use in the same way that extremists used images from abu ghraib, that they would, in a sense, be indelible. they would be in cyberspace forever. they'd be nonbiodegradable. and they would be used by those who wish us ill to incite violence and inflame public opinion against us and against our mission here in afghanistan as well as our missions undoubtedly around the world. >> that's the position of the united states government. you heard some leaders, including mayor michael bloomberg and mayor of new york city and others defending the man's right
estado hillary clinton volvió a condenar los planes del pastor, y el vaticano dijo que representa un ultraje. >> tu y yo sabemos que los inglaterra terroristas va a editar las imágenes que creará la impresión que no es solamente el individuo si no que es parte una acción de parte de los estados unidos y el gran satanás. >> en nueva york, telemundo. t >josé: ¿usted que piensa de todo esto? nos interesa muchísimo su opinión. ¿usted está de acuerdo con este pastor? vaya a notici >> el presidente obama dijo que mantener los beneficio a los más ricos obligaría al gobierno a contraer una deuda adicional de 700.000 millones de dólares. 4 momento de una breve pausa pero al volver virginia a todos los inmigrantes por el pecado de uno solo. >> además en arizona, la em prenden contra los maestross que hablan inglés con acento. el presidente al frente por [ locutor ] esta roca nunca se ha detenido. desde nuestros inicios, hemos estado aquí para servir a nuestros clientes, en situaciones buenas y malas, cambiando cuando las necesidades de
, vinita. as you said, a busy round of talks today for hillary clinton. she's hosting, along with president mubarak, in the hotel behind me, a crucial round of the newly-launched middle east peace talks. hosting prime minister netanyahu and palestinian president abbas. as you hinted in your introduction, jewish settlement construction. the crucial issue that the two parties have to get over today before this process can move forward. the palestinians have said they will walk away if israel's temporary settlement freeze of ten months, which expires on the 26th of this month, are renewed. netanyahu says he cannot do that. he and president obama and hillary clinton have been engaged in the last few weeks in some frantic behind-the-scenes arm-twisting. it remains to be seen if that hurdle can be overcome today. revinita? >> you mentioned this is a two-day meeting. what happens on day two if that happens on day one? >> reporter: today, we rush back to jerusalem, where hillary clinton will arrive later tonight, with a second round of talks with the same characters at the table. probably hosted in
administration specifically secretary of state hillary clinton has submitted a report to the u.n. linking the arizona illegal alien law with human right abuses. so very simply guilfoyle so even i can understand. why does hillary clinton and her state department want to get involved with the u.n. on this issue? >> because the united states must lead by example and point out our own flaws and what human rights violations and abuses. >> bill: what human rights violations has occurred as a result of the law which is now being litigated? >> racial profiling. >> bill: they don't have examples. >> no example what . this is a serious allegation. >> bill: all right, the state department has sent a report saying that there are human rights violations in arizona or there may be? >> that there may be. but in is an example of how we are policing our own country and pointing out where we feel -- >> bill: litigating this to stop potential -- >> potential racial profiling. it is labeling us with other countries that have committed genocide. that engage in human trafficking, child slavery. you are going t
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and palestinian leaders will hold peace talks in washington this morning. hillary clinton will launch the negotiations between benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas. president obama hosted a working dinner last night. both sides vowed to work towards a long-lasting agreement. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you believe these latest rounds of mideast peace talks will yield results? e-mail your response to again, that is >> 71 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the morning's financial news in the bloomberg business report. >> after months of tragedy, some good news out of the gulf of mexico. >> we are live at the side of a big balloon festival in harford county. it all benefit a great cause. >> volume continues to build on the area roads. the area roads. delays a the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. b
are condemning plans by a florida tourist to bring copies of the qur'an. hillary clinton says burning the moslem holy book would be disgraceful. the legislators in washington say doing so would hurt all religions. >> bearing false witness against her neighbors is against the koran, the bible, is against the gospels and this is why we are here. we have to be here. when do wen't do it, stop backing down. when we stop giving in to islam? >> the burning was planned as a response to a proposed islamic center and mosque near ground zero. >>>> another barricade situation in southwest washington has ended. it ended after midnight. and manhole up inside was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no one else was injured. >>> a bethesda man suspected of shooting his girlfriend has turned himself he surrendered to pennsylvania state police yesterday afternoon. police say he used a high- powered rifle to shoot at the woman who was not hurt. the incident had two nearby schools on alert. >>> a man arrested for drunk driving crash that killed 89 has been indicted on a murder charge -- that killed a nun ha
faced. secretary of state hillary clinton. handed the task of finding victory where so many have failed, and jake tapper is here tonight. he looked at the woman and her mission. jake? >> reporter: that's right, diane. and the white house says secretary of state hillary clinton will lead those negotiations as she takes on an increased leadership role in the day-to-day task of brokering peace that has, for so many of her predecessors, proved illusive. hillary clinton has never before faced a challenge as daunting as this one. >> this is in the national security interests of the united states, but we can not and we will not impose a solution. >> reporter: the world will be watching to see what she brings to the table. >> i think she has credibility now, whether that translates into diplomatic skills, i don't know. frankly she's untested as a mediator. >> reporter: some see clinton's experience as a politician as an asset, since she will understand not just policy, but politics. how the palestinians and israeli leaders can sell the negotiations back home. >> she's got the best type of polit
hillary clinton y ha dicho que "no se puede comparar" la realidad mexicana con lo que vivio colombia hace dos decadas... "Éxico es una democracia amplia, con una econoÍa creciente y como consecuencia no puedes comparar lo que esÁ pasando en Éxico con lo que ocurrÓ en colombia hace 20 aÑos"...---ayer clinton dijo que el narcotrafico en mexico "se esÁ pareciendo ms a como se vÍa colombia hace 20 aÑos". ---la pregunta obligada, es para que usted opine.---- ¿cree que, en efecto, mexico hoy se parece a lo que era colombia 20 aÑos atras? ---llamenos gratis al 1-866- 229-4848 ....o escribanos a "noticiero 48 arroba telemundo punto com" ... para opinar. opinar. ---primer avance de telemundo deportivo ...--besos entre gigantes... y eso?....---a ver ramon, dinos !!! gracias cesar..los 49ers se preparan para continuar con su buena racha... pero ahora en la temporada regular... el domingo visitan a los seahawks de seattle... seattle...hoy el receptor abierto michael crab-tree en conferencia de prensa dijo que esta listo para jugar luego de perderse toda la pretemporada por un dolor en el
why people like hillary clinton didn't just ignore this question because, look, the guy's church has 50 members. if he had more members, i think he would be promoting that fact, but if you googled the guy a week ago i'm not sure what you would have come up with. maybe a picture of his truck before he painted it with this ridiculous slogan. this really should be a non-story and doesn't reflect well on the press that the response to this guy hosting one stunt is to demand that every official from hillary clinton on down say what they think. >> fair enough. >> and condemn it. >> if you were to look, chris, at our 9:30 meeting yesterday morning, looking there and sitting there and the koran thing is there and we're like we don't want to talk about this stupid crack pot, stupid, right, morning, having coffee, and the next thing you know petraeus is out there yammering about it and at that point we made the decision, had this debate in the meeting, but we made the decision after petraeus addressed it that we felt we were obliged then to go with it which, of course, then starts to feed the
behind this and foreign policy issues are enormous. we've had hillary clinton and this from general petraeus. let's watch. >> we're concerned that the images from the burning of a koran would be used in the same way extremists used images from abu ghraib. they would, in a sense, be indelible. they would be in cyberspace forever. they would be nonbiodegradable and used by those who wish us ill, to incite violence and against our mission in afghanistan and undoubtedly around the world. >> i wanted to share with you what hillary clinton said today, not only about this because she first reacted in her speech last night but how she suggests the media should hasn't it. >> we're, as you've seen in the last few days, speaking out. general petraeus made the very powerful point that as seemingly, you know, small a group of people doing this, the fact is that it will have potentially great harm for our troops. >> so we are hoping that the pastor decides not to do this. we're hoping against hope if he does it won't be covered. >> of course that raises a whole lot of other questions. what do you
we do. remember hillary clinton bosnia trip. >> i remember landing under sniper fire. >> only problem. it never happened. >> when she says i came under gunfire while representing this country she believed that. >> i think she did come to believe that. i don't think she is openly saying, i'm going lie about this. >> reporter: did she really misremembered being shot at? psychologists say yes because our brain can work a lot differently than we think we do. for example, count the numbers of times people in white pass the basket in this video? you would think you would notice a giant gorilla in front of your face, right? it turns out researchers say more than half of viewers don't notice. >> halfway through the video, person wearing a gorilla suit turns and faces the camera and walks off and then we ask them, did you notice anything unusual. half the people didn't notice the person at all. dan simon is the man behind the stunt. they say that people would notice everyone would think that their memories are accurate. >> our memories can be accurate for some things but details and some thing
to burn the koran on september 11th. >>> secretary hillary clinton, the pope even angelina jolie now weighing in. >>> what happens in vegas gets you on youtube, especially when a lion at the mgm grand turns on its trainer and this guy was just freelancing. >>> plus -- >> this is better than thanksgiving. >> what could be better for a texas first grader at the start of school. the moment she first saw her soldier dad after more than a year in iraq. >>> good wednesday morning, i'm chris jansing. live from msnbc world headquarters in new york. what we're seeing out in michigan and colorado is nothing short of horrifying. out of control fires ripping through homes and destroying neighborhoods. look what happened in the city of detroit just four hours, 85 separate fires. high winds up to 150 miles per hour spread the raging flames from house to house. you combine those winds with hot, dry weather and downed power lines and you have the perfect storm for disaster. every available firefighter was out trying to get things under control. but the size and number of the blazes was just overwhel
specifically secretary of state hillary clinton has submitted a report to the u.n. linking the arizona illegal alien law with human right abuses. so very simply guilfoyle so even i can understand. why does hillary clinton and her state department want to get involved with the u.n. on this issue? >> because the united states must lead by example and point out our own flaws and what human rights violations and abuses. >> bill: what human rights violations has occurred as a result of the law which is now being litigated? >> racial profiling. >> bill: they don't have examples. >> no example what . this is a serious allegation. >> bill: all right, the state department has sent a report saying that there are human rights violations in arizona or there may be? >> that there may be. but in is an example of how we are policing our own country and pointing out where we feel -- >> bill: litigating this to stop potential -- >> potential racial profiling. it is labeling us with other countries that have committed genocide. that engage in human trafficking, child slavery. you are going to liken the two and
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